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About Us

I wish through this paragraph, to present you with simple words, without wanting to amplify or understate our company at its fair value. With now 25 years of experience in the trade of products and also various and varied industrial machines, our company has established itself and continued its activity over time with a single objective, the permanent satisfaction of our national and international customers. We work in perfect complementarity and evolve together towards new horizons of common interests.

From sellers to customers and sometimes reversing our partnership by also buying from our customers. Geographically located between Lyon Fr and Geneva Ch., and located in the town of Les Neyrolles 01130 in France on an area of ​​1000 m2 covered and 4000 m2 of land, we carry out our business activity at national and international level. I offer you a partnership of trade of purchases or sales do not hesitate to consult us for the sale of your products, machines or for your projects of acquisition of new materials.

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